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Occult Herbs and Tonics LLC

New Duppy (Jamaican Jerk) Blend NOW AVAILABLE!

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Pomona (spicy chili peach lime) is AVAILABLE NOW!

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Witches Brew (Spiced Apple Cider Mix) AVAILABLE NOW!

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Spice Blends for the Macabre

We’re Occult Herbs and Tonics, where every pinch is a potion and every sprinkle, a spell. Handcrafted with a touch of the arcane, our macabre-themed spice blends, dry rubs, drink mixes, and sweet toppers are conjured to bewitch your culinary creations.

Occult Herbs & Tonics was established in 2020 by Karilyn and David Harper.

Fueled by our passion for delicious food and all things peculiar/odd; we've created a company dedicated to quality sourced ingredients and the magic that takes place in the kitchen.

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